Dog Fence Review - Dog Fence Training Do's and Don'ts

If you do your homework, buying the best dog fence system that is being offered in your location is one of the easier steps to do. However; the responsibility does not stop with choosing which dog fence system to buy.

To prevent psychological damage to your dog and to ensure your dog's safety on the dog fence system, I would urge that you find a professional dog trainer that has used these type of dog fence systems or the electric dog collar in general. Very few dog containment companies have real dog trainers in their workforce. Hire a trainer locally who is familiar with training dogs on electronic dog collars if your local dog fence company does not have a professional dog trainer. You will be glad you did.

Drive, temperament and personality is what makes each dog who he is. Like humans, each dog is a little different. This is why we recommend you have a professional trainer to assist with dog training on the fence.

This is what happens in the training process AFTER the dog evaluation occurs (Do not follow these guidelines for your dog unless you have seen or have been advised by a professional trainer. This is just a general review of what happens during training).

The first step in training before you leave your dog unleashed on the dog fence system is to acquaint him to the boundaries of your property. Once you start using the electric dog fence it is these boundaries that the dog would have to learn in order to keep the electronic dog collar from beeping. You have to teach your pet the boundaries of the dog containment system.

The next step would be to attach a long leash line to your dog and have someone walk towards the boundary and see if your dog would follow. If your dog does stop at the boundary, he has learned the first lesson correctly.

Use bigger distractions like balls, Frisbees, etc thrown outside the boundary and watch whether your dog will get them. It is now time to leave your dog unleashed but always under constant supervision until you're completely satisfied that he will not test the boundary.

Be patient and be sure your dog has adjusted to the dog fence system before you allow him to run unsupervised. You can begin removing flags when you're sure that the dog has learned the boundary limits. Always ask your trainer first.

This is a general guide to the proper training on the dog fence system. Only the ill-informed or uncaring dog owner would turn their dog out on the dog fence without training. Remember, to always ask a professional trainer the proper way to train your particular dog before you get started.