How To Choose The Dog Fence For You

I am biased; but, I believe in most cases (not all) that the best dog fence is from Contain-A-Pet. This is going to be a series of dog fence review articles that may help you to decide if a electric dog fence is right for you.

Should I buy a dog fence via a retail store, catalog or the internet?

As a master dog trainer and a electric dog fence owner, I would emphatically say No to purchasing via this route!


It is very easy to psychologically damage your dog if the proper dog training and dog conditioning is not done.

Most people just put the electronic dog fence collar on their dog, spend one to two days training and shock the heck out of their dog. Some dogs (depending on the dog personality or dog temperament) do learn this way; but you terrify them doing it. You can scar a dog doing this especially if this occurs during one of the two fear imprint stages a dog progresses through during their early years.

Proper training and conditioning is the reason dogs stay in their yard. I often hear people tell me about the dogs they see running down the street that are on these store bought dog fence systems.

Other dogs (the more dominant or stubborn) tend to think this sensation they are receiving around their neck (correction) is just a part of life. They learn to ignore it. They go if they see something outside the dog fence they want.

If I knew a professional dog trainer that could help me, the only way I would buy one of these electric dog fence systems (via the method mentioned above) is.

I would just not assume that the person working with my dog is qualified to train. And, in most cases I would make sure my trainer is a real dog trainer capable of reading my dog's personality and temperament.

As a caring dog owner, this would be one of the primary criteria I look at when performing a dog fence review. Would you like to read more on choosing the right dog fence for you? Feel free to click Dog Fence Review for a series of articles on this subject.